The Brokerage

Loan officers and Home Insurance Agents working together to find the best home insurance coverage for your clients

partnering up


Give your client's options for home insurance

The best way to assure a great price for your client's home insurance is to shop around.  We all know that.   But with a list of items they are needing to do to close on the home, piling up, wouldn't it be nice if this one and sometimes overlooked item was done quickly.   This is where we come from.

Here at the Brokerage, we  have a team to work strictly with loan officers across the country to shop the many different carriers and give your client's choice when it comes to home insurance and what  best fits their needs. 

Let's join our efforts .

Here at the Brokerage we sponsor a lot of functions for our loan officers.  

Examples:  We can cater/provide food for your meetings, "sponsored" by us The Brokerage."   We have jointly advertised with loan officers on websites and magazines across the country.  We have even in one instance rented out a desk, phone, and copier in a mortgage brokerage office to help streamline the process of presenting   their client with multiple home insurance quotes.  

Quick turn around times on quotes and EOI's

With 8 different preferred home insurance carriers, you don't have to refer to just one company or one agent.  

We find the best coverage at the best rate for your clients and then shop around every year at their renewal.  It's in our name "The Brokerage"